"The Mindful Actor workshop was continuously eye-opening for me. Each week I was lead to deepen my relationship with my body as a creative playground and a powerful, transformative companion. I have new found fun and freedom when it comes to character development, ownership and design. I have never felt so deeply a part of text and dialogue as I do now. I am a different, better and more deeply equipped actor because of this class. More please :) -Sha-nnon Hart / Actor, Meditation Teacher



“"What an amazing way to approach the subtleties in acting technique. Missy’s energy work with the Chakra system opened up layer upon layer of life beneath the words on the page.

I feel like I now have a secret that no other actors have. It goes much deeper than basic emotional and relaxation techniques which of course are necessary, but opening up each individual Chakra welcomes a new pocket of character. Since I’ve taken the class I have consciously invited certain Chakras into daily situations when I need them. It’s such a relief to remember that all your power is always with you - root to crown, whether calling upon all of them for balance or one specific for a certain situation, they are always with you. Thank you for your perfect work Missy!!!!!” - Laci Mailey / Actor (Chesapeake Shores), Producer

​"Missy's classes were such a gift for me - I enjoyed them immensely. Missy has a remarkable knack for creating a safe space in which people can explore, grow and learn.  She has an amazing ability to inspire people to dig deep within themselves and to take risks.  Missy is warm and kind and uses an experiential teaching model (the opposite of some acting teachers, who simply talk at you for hours without having you ever practice anything, and​ who then use ​yell​ing techniques in an attempt to get you to go deeper).  Missy is an utterly skilled and versatile actor and a phenomenal coach.  I can’t recommend her enough.  I’ve witnessed so much transformation in myself and my fellow students (and heard so many positive accounts from other​ students​ as well).  If you’re already an actor, Missy’s approach will take you to the next level and leave you with many new tools for your toolbox.  Or, if like me, you don’t consider yourself an actor ​you just ​enjoy exploring the work, there is so much for you in her classes too.​  This is work that will benefit your life, not just your acting." - Anne-Marie Doucet / Stage Manager

"I became interested in the Mindful Actor Workshop when I was feeling stagnant and looking to try something new. I am not an actor but am involved in performing arts and wanted to feel more confident in sharing my voice. I did not know anything about the Chakra system and how being unbalanced can deeply affect everyday life.

During the course of the class I felt myself being challenged in ways I had never known. I learned how to listen to my body. You really have to be honest with yourself to get the full benefit, and it is so exciting and revealing at the same time! I appreciate the safe environment Missy has created, she really allows you to get outside of yourself and at the same time be and do exactly as you feel. Missy is so open-minded and supportive, and it’s fun! I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in self-exploration. No matter what stage of life you are in, everyone will get something positive from this experience." -Krista Lehman / Singer


"Missy Cross has put together a workshop that integrates creativity-energy-imagination & voice through a series of exercises and techniques that bring out every part of you. She shows you that when you really listen to yourself and connect to your body & mind, you are capable of becoming any character possible. She has proved to me and she will prove to you that you don’t have to act, it’s already inside of you… 

The mindful actor workshop helped me regain confidence and not only created a positive shift in my acting but in my every day life.

Missy is definitely someone to look up to, her talent and teaching will give you a thirst for creativity and positivity. I feel deeply humbled to have met a teacher and friend so kind & passionate about her work and I can’t wait to keep learning everything that she has to share." -Gabrielle O’Neill-Montgrain / Actor

Testimonials for Missy and The Mindful Actor Workshop:

When I first took The Mindful Actor's Workshop, I experienced a melding of my voice, my body and the text in a way I never knew was possible. Following Missy's instruction and steps, I learned how experience shapes a character's physicality and perspective. By using these tools, defining a character and tapping into the universality of story became easy for me. It allowed me to get out of my head and into the being of the character. I have now taken Level 1 of the course twice because each time I learn something new and I deepen my understanding of the process. I'm excited to start Level 2 of the MAW.  - Veenu Sandhu / Actor (Lost In Space, Arrow)

"Chakra work is so incredibly useful to the actor because it is a universal tool that reminds us that we are all human beings shaped by our diverse environments. This kind of physical training has allowed me to grow more conscious of my own blocks in my work. Missy creates a non-judgmental space where I felt free to explore even the most extreme and explosive sides of myself. Thank you Missy!" - Cristina Sanchez / Actor 

"I always felt like Missy was giving us invaluable secrets to acting after each Mindful Actor class. Not only does the material open up an entirely new system of character analysis, but it gives you the knowledge you need, in order to take care of and to heal yourself as an artist. I wish it was longer than 4 weeks!" - Paige Gibbs / Actor 

"I've done subtext work in my acting before, but not like this! Thank you Missy Cross for opening up a whole new way of building a character and growth as an actor, as well as awareness as a human being. So grateful for you and your creations!" -Julia Christina Ray / Actor, director

"Missy Cross is incredible. She is one of the most genuine and inspiring people I’ve ever met. She will change your life and propel you into creative bliss!"  -Michael Barry Anderson/ Actor, Singer, Musician, Voice




"Having directed, produced and acted in theatre in Canada for almost 30 years, I can say, without reservation that Missy Cross is one hell of a director. Within a minute or so of our first meeting, I realized how much I could learn from her… and learn I did!
Through the most nurturing, most respectful of processes, she worked with us to build our characters from the ground up. It was as much a master class in acting as it was a rehearsal process for a particular play, but the end result was magical.
I count my experience with Missy Cross as one of the most profound and delightful of my theatre career.”  -Greg Bishop /Actor, Director, Producer



"Missy is an exceptional, innovative coach that has helped me time and time again bring my auditions off the page, into a world where I can live truthfully. Her gentle spirit puts actors at ease while her depth and grasp of storytelling and what it takes to develop well rounded characters makes scenes come to life! She uses a wide array of techniques and exercises that focuses on the acting first, and the polish second. I highly recommend her to all my actor friends looking for a fresh approach at their audition prep." -Brittany Willacy / Actor (Chesapeake Shores), Singer, Songwriter, Head of the Heard



"The opportunity to work with Missy was an absolute joy. I’ve developed a deep trust in myself since, as her own implicit trust in my process has given me the freedom in my work to get messy and discover. She gave me the tools for my craft that not only enriched my characters, but nourished that nameless thing that makes us artists." -Anna Horabin / Actor, Musician



“I took the Mindful Actor Workshop with Missy because I wanted to feel more confident in speaking up and I was curious how the Chakras are related to this. 

I’ve never acted before, but it didn’t matter! Missy facilitated an environment that felt supportive and creative, allowing me to safely explore my range in voice and emotions. With absolute kindness and love, Missy knows when to encourage and when to gently push you to explore deeper.

In every class, I learned something new about myself and my abilities. And by the end I discovered that I, too, am an actor! We all can be :)

For anyone who is wishing to deepen their understanding of their bodies, to feel more confident in speaking, to find and listen to your inner voice, to practice trusting your wisdom and intuition -  I would highly recommend this class. “ -Andrea Freeman



"I’m a very busy Executive of a technology startup in Vancouver. My profession is really mind intensive, constantly thinking and it is very difficult to turn my mind off to stop the "noise" at the end of my work day.

My wife/business partner surprised me by gifting me with “The Mindful Actor” workshop, developed and presented by Missy Cross. Missy is a wonderful lady that truly is a loving and genuine caring person. It was a very unique and rewarding experience to learn with others about the importance of breathing, meditation, dancing, yoga, stretching and learning how to relax.

Missy’s studio environment is comfortable and she made it a safe space to express our full range of emotions in a non-judgemental way while exploring the bodies Chakras (energy points) and utilizing the techniques taught by Missy. This is an extremely beneficial experience that I would recommend to any busy professional that wants to balance mind and body.

Thank-you Missy for developing such a powerful and very practical workshop! I look forward to attending new workshops in the new year.” -Rick Sparks



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