I am a trained professional actor and have facilitated the Mindful Actor Classes since 2012. I am not registered as a dietitian, yoga instructor or medical professional, including a certified psychologist. The Mindful Actor Workshop is an exploration of the energy Chakras as researched by me and should not be taken as medical advice. By using this website and/or taking classes, you hold yourself liable for any damages that may occur including any damages pertaining to financial, other incidental, consequential or any other special damages that may occur based on information found on this website, via social media, newsletter, or any other product or service, including in classes that may be free or paid work. It is the full intention to offer education and inspiration and ask that you always use your best judgment and take with you whatever resonates to help make you become the best version of you and discard the rest. Any and all sessions, products, and services that have been provided as either free or paid content are subject to the client's interpretation, so please, use the information provided on my website and in class at your own risk. If you are finding yourself needing professional help, please contact a licensed medical professional. In classes, you are sharing your experience and participating in the exercises at your own risk. Always consult with your doctor or physician before starting any new workout regimen, diet, or lifestyle change.


-Missy Cross; February 2017

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